Family Project



Unique Location

Vale Residence Team

Family Project

Vale Residence is a family project led by a team of passionate individuals who guarantee the best service to their guests. 

We invite you to come here and experience generous hospitality and professionalism during your vacation.

Beautiful Place

This beautiful residence and tourist project is the result of our affection for Sutivan. That love goes back a long way, from 25 years ago, when we spent summers in this location.

Sutivan is a modern tourist destination that is oriented towards family, sports, and recreational tourism, and due to its climatic benefits, guests can stay here all year round!

We were destined to be here and continue to live and develop with the beautiful Sutivan.

Passion & Idea

Our passion for what we do is your assurance that we will provide you with a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

Vale Residence was built in 2022, and our idea was to start a new project offering a different and higher level of experience and accommodation.

Experience the charms of the island of Brač, this beautiful little place, and take with you the memories of the most beautiful vacation!